Thank you for your interest in advertising in the Stockdog Journal. The Stockdog Journal is the only magazine of it's kind- a publication specifically for owners of working cow and sheep dogs. This magazine is a wonderful way to promote dogs and pups for sale, canine or livestock related products, trials, fundraisers, or other events direct to the people who will be interested in them.

Advertising Rates with the STOCKDOG Journal

Contact the Editor for availability.

Color ads:
Back Cover : $450
Inside Cover: $350

Black & White interior ads:
Full Page: $250
2/3 Page: $180
1/2 Page: $150
1/3 Page: $95
1/4 Page: $75
1/6 Page: $65
Business Card: $50

SPECIAL! Those wishing to advertise for a full year may receive %10 off the ad rate of each issue after the price of the first.

Classified ad:
.25c per word - minimum $5

Breeder's Directory:
$35 per year up to 30 words.
Add $2 each word over 30.

SPECIAL! Those taking out an ad in the Breeder's Directory can receive discounts on web design! For a simple page design with information about your business, hosted at the Stockdog Journal, I'm offering this special rate of $150. You provide photos and information to be displayed on the page. Page changes and updates, custom graphics, or other special design is subject to additional fees.

Nicole Rhodes
The Stockdog Journal
4188 Highland Center Rd.
Brookville, IN 47012